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“Essential Services for Insightful Decision Making”

In today’s increasingly competitive environment, marketing research has become essential to business survival. RMPD helps its clients meet the challenges of the marketplace by providing the means to obtain the market intelligence necessary for business success. Our services include:
  • Creation of detailed customer and / or market profiles
  • Definition of market segments for your products and services using statistical segmentation techniques
  • Measurement and tracking of your market share and that of your competitors
  • Market trial assessments
  • Market demand and market potential assessments for your new products and services
  • Price elasticity analysis
  • Building predictive models and developing target market strategies
  • Web site usability testing and visitor profiling
  • Benchmarking and tracking of customer satisfaction
  • Evaluating the impact of promotional and publicity campaigns
  • Corporate image and market positioning studies
  • Employee satisfaction and feedback surveys
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